The Victoria Swedish Club of Today

The present Victoria Swedish Club was founded in 1997 and was initiated by Hans Hornfeldt who tracked down people with a Swedish-sounding name. The first potluck was attended by over 100 Swedes who enjoyed delicious traditional food and entertainment by fiddler and historian Bill Symes.

A year after the club was established a Board was elected with the following members: Irene Jones, Annabelle Beresford, Tore Engqvist and Hans Hornfeldt. The Club activities cover a wide variety besides traditional events, such as dances, music and song entertainment, orienteering, craft courses, language training and film evenings.

The number of members is steadily increasing and additional activities are planned for Swedes of ALL ages, including dances with contemporary Swedish music, showings of new Swedish films, wine tasting, cultural and language training for children and adults, traditional food cooking course, special guests lectures and the list goes on !

One of our members, Teddy Åberg is hosting the Scandinavian Radio Show on CFUV 101.9 FM. Teddy broadcasts every Sunday 8:00am to 9:00am. This is a very popular show filled with folk to modern Scandinavian music, Nordic news and interviews with local Scandinavians.

The History of the Victoria Swedish Club

On January 19, 1956, the Swedish Canadian Social Group was formed, possibly being the first organized Swedish club in Victoria. The Club was very active with an orchestra of its own, parades, folk dances, festivals and celebration of the traditional Swedish holidays. The Club also played a social role in helping members economically and through friendship. The Swedish Club welcomed visitors to Victoria from the old country and among those visitors was the Prime Minister of Sweden Olof Palme.

An Active Club for over 25 years, the members became older and the interest and energy declined. However, many of the Swedes have continued to gather for traditional celebrations and to support and greet visiting sports teams, dance groups and choirs.

In 1987 the club was revived under the name of “Swedes in Town” by founder Nels Granevall who organized many events, one of the biggest being in 1988 when Victoria was visited by the King and Queen of Sweden. The Swedish visit was covered by many members of the Swedish Media.